Google: You can trust us with the medical data you didn’t know we already had [Updated]

185 with 110 posters participating Update: The Google/Ascension project is now being investigated by the Office for Civil Rights in the Department of Health and Human Services, the Wall Street Journal reported in an update last night. The office said it "wil… [+5363 chars]

Russian man charged with running money-back-guaranteed criminal marketplace

Enlarge/ The front page of as it appeared on August 1, 2015. 15 with 15 posters participating A Russian man made his initial appearance in federal court on Tuesday on prosecutors' allegations he operated websites that resulted in more than $20… [+2417 chars]

How to spot the SpaceX Starlink satellite train overhead this week

37 with 22 posters participating <ul><li> A Falcon 9 rocket launched into space on Monday morning. </li><li> Nine Merlin engines all firing at once. </li><li> The weather was fine in Florida. </li><li> This was the fourth time this rocket's fir… [+12199 chars]

Pokémon Sword and Shield review: A big adventure with a small Pokédex

52 with 23 posters participating <ul><li> Making new friends in Pokemon Sword and Shield. </li><li> Battles are familiar, but the game's UI is clean and looks great on a big screen. </li><li> Battles happen in giant stadiums, and you suit up just l… [+7734 chars]

This system from Garmin can land a private plane when your pilot can’t

45 with 24 posters participating <ul><li> Garmin Avionics has developed an Autoland system to get a General Aviation plane back on the ground if its pilot becomes incapacitated. </li><li> It's only currently available in the Piper M600 (previous photo)… [+5379 chars]

Google fires staffer, suspends two others, amid rising workplace tensions

Enlarge/ Google's main headquarters. 96 with 62 posters participating Google has fired a staffer who allegedly leaked the names of Google employees and their personal details to the news media, Ryan Gallagher reports in a scoop for Bloomberg News. Two other… [+2949 chars]

Apple introduces a redesigned, thicker MacBook Pro

126 with 72 posters participating <ul><li> The 16-inch MacBook Pro with reduced bezels. </li><li> Here's the new keyboard, with updated arrow keys and a dedicated Escape key. </li><li> This is Apple's visualization of the thermal system. You can al… [+7167 chars]

How a turf war and a botched contract landed 2 pentesters in Iowa jail

Enlarge/ Mug shots of Gary De Mercurio, left, and Justin Wynn. 37 with 27 posters participating In the early hours of September 11, a dispatcher with the sheriffs department in Dallas County, Iowa, spotted something alarming on a surveillance camera in the … [+7720 chars]

Guidemaster: Ars picks its favorite tech gifts you can buy for under $50

49 with 35 posters participating View more stories Finding a gift for your most tech-savvy friends and family can be tough, especially with electronics getting more expensive as the years go by. While it may seem like the only electronics worth getting are … [+5334 chars]

Living with range anxiety: Two weeks with the Jaguar I-Pace

72 with 53 posters participating, including story author The Jaguar I-Pace is a brilliant car. The first battery electric vehicle from Jaguar-Land Rover, the I-Pace starts at about $70,000 and goes up from there. My colleague, Ars Automotive Editor Jonathan… [+15550 chars]