Ad Astra: A journey upriver to meet your demons, internal and otherwise

4 with 4 posters participating Brad Pitt stars as an astronaut in search of his long-lost father (Tommy Lee Jones) in Ad Astra. On its own, the title of this week's blockbuster releaseAd Astra, Latin for "to the stars"doesn't tell you much about what the fi… [+5570 chars]

How do you manage software and saves on a second Switch? It’s complicated

9 with 9 posters participating <ul><li> </li><li> </li><li> Oh shoot, what was my password again? </li><li> </li><li> You can link your Nintendo Account at any point, not just during setup </li><li> This sounds really convenient until you read t… [+8778 chars]

Untitled Goose Game review: HONNNNNNK

Enlarge/ *record scratch* *freeze frame* Yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation... of being a cantankerous, honking goose. 35 with 26 posters participating Ack! The tall human grabbed a broom! HONK! No, no, no, no, no, r… [+8518 chars]

Ancient slag offers insight into the uneven pace of technological advances

Enlarge/ Copper production waste Khirbat en-Nahas, Jordan was piled 6m (18 ft) deep. 12 with 10 posters participating Sometimes, clues about ancient technology are hidden in the most mundane things. In this case, Tel-Aviv University archaeologist Erez Ben-Y… [+8182 chars]

iOS 13 on the iPhone 6S and SE: New software runs fine on a phone that’s still fast

Enlarge/ The iPhone 6S and SE are the new baseline for iOS 13, and everything is still running smooth. 36 with 26 posters participating, including story author People upgrading to iOS 13 this year may have more of an incentive than usual to keep using their… [+9853 chars]

iOS 13: The Ars Technica review

Enlarge/ iOS 13 on an iPhone 11 Pro. 26 with 22 posters participating, including story author Last year, Apple set users expectations with iOS 12, saying it would be focused on improving performance and fixing bugs and stability issues instead of adding a b… [+10190 chars]

Rocket Report: Russia to build 11 more Protons, Boeing wants EUS funding

Enlarge/ A Falcon 9 rocket launches from Vandenberg Air Force Base. 47 with 24 posters participating Welcome to Edition 2.15 of the Rocket Report! We're back after traveling last week, and the newsletter is packed with information about all manner of rocket… [+11845 chars]

Teen vaping surge: 25% of 12th graders report recent use, 11% daily use

146 with 69 posters participating Preliminary data from two long-standing nationwide surveys reveals a sustained surge in e-cigarette useaka vapingby teens over the last two years. About 25% of 12th graders in 2019 reported using nicotine-containing vaping … [+3672 chars]

Payment card thieves hack Click2Gov bill paying portals in 8 cities

30 with 23 posters participating In 2017 and 2018, hackers compromised systems running the Click2Gov self-service bill-payment portal in dozens of cities across the United States, a feat that compromised 300,000 payment cards and generated nearly $2 million … [+3790 chars]

Weighing in: Physicists cut upper limit on neutrino’s mass in half

Enlarge/ The spectrometer for the KATRIN experiment, as it works its way through the German town of Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen in 2006 en route to the nearby Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. 71 with 54 posters participating Isaac Asimov dubbed neutrinos "gh… [+6803 chars]