Advisories: “Brazen” Russian ransomware hackers target hundreds of US hospitals

11 with 10 posters participating Russian hackers are targeting hundreds of US hospitals and healthcare providers just as the Corona Virus is making a comeback and the US presidential election is in … [+3715 chars]

How a tiny bit of lacquer grounded new Falcon 9 rockets for a month

Enlarge/ Nine Merlin engines power the first stage of a Falcon 9 rocket. 132 with 84 posters participating NASA and SpaceX confirmed on Wednesday that they are targeting November 14 for the launch … [+3828 chars]

In a first, researchers extract secret key used to encrypt Intel CPU code

79 with 61 posters participating Researchers have extracted the secret key that encrypts updates to an assortment of Intel CPUs, a feat that could have wide-ranging consequences for the way the chip… [+5000 chars]

RIP Google Play Music, 2011 – 2020

132 with 122 posters participating <ul><li> Goodbye, Google Music. Flower emojis are welcome and may be placed in the comment section below. </li><li> This photo is from back when Google Music… [+7780 chars]

New African genomes: Complicated migrations and strong selection

Enlarge/ A building in a Ndebele village, South Africa. The Ndebele-language speakers, currently about a million strong, arrived in South Africa with the Bantu expansion. 45 with 26 posters particip… [+9054 chars]

AMD’s newest graphics cards: RDNA2 power from $579 to $999

218 with 127 posters participating <ul><li> AMD CEO Lisa Su holds the Radeon RX 6900 XT. </li><li> Radeon RX 6900 XT, committed to the VirtualLink standard that Nvidia has since left behind. … [+5388 chars]

Billy Mitchell’s Donkey Kong high-score case will move forward to trial

Enlarge/ Billy Mitchell competes at a (presumably authentic) Donkey Kong cabinet. 83 with 57 posters participating, including story author View more stories A Los Angeles County judge has ruled th… [+6456 chars]

Trump’s website defaced with claim that Trump admin created coronavirus

Enlarge/ President Trump's campaign website during its brief defacement. 116 with 84 posters participating President Trump's website last night was briefly defaced by hackers who pitched a cryptocu… [+2951 chars]

The 2020 Genesis G90—a good luxury sedan from an alternate dimension

80 with 57 posters participating <ul><li> At $76,695 fully loaded, the Genesis G90 seriously undercuts similarly sized luxury sedans from Germany. </li><li> The G90 got a facelift at the end o… [+6262 chars]

Consumer Reports: Tesla Autopilot a “distant second” to GM Super Cruise

Enlarge/ Super Cruise will be available on the 2021 Cadillac CT4-V. 220 with 115 posters participating, including story author Cadillac Super Cruise has retained its title as the best driver assist… [+3580 chars]