The cybersecurity community is reckoning with influencer culture for the first time after several popular figures ran paid advertisements on their social media accounts. The big picture: For years, the world of cybersecurity experts has operated more like a … [+3424 chars]

Influencer marketing comes to cybersecurity

Driving the news: Several follower-rich cybersecurity Twitter accounts ran individualized promotions for Lenovo's secure line of products and security services, ThinkShield (all tagged "#ad #thinkshield"), sparking immediate pushback from the wider community.… [+2895 chars]

DHS announces election audits tool

Homeland Security's main cyber division Thursday announced a new tool to help election officials audit voting machines the first version of which is already deployed in six states. Why it matters: While a lot of attention gets paid to voting machine security… [+135 chars]

Netanyahu indicted for bribery, fraud and breach of trust

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will face indictments in all three corruption charges against him for bribery, fraud, and breach of trust, according to Israeli officials. Why it matters: This will be the first time in Israeli history that a sitting… [+106 chars]

Fiona Hill: Giuliani pushed views on Ukraine "that would probably come back to haunt us"

Fiona Hill, President Trump's former top Russia expert, testified during Thursday's impeachment hearing that Rudy Giuliani pushed views on Ukraine both publicly and privately "that would probably come back to haunt us." The big picture: EU Ambassador Gordon … [+202 chars]

WeWork to lay off 2,400 employees

WeWork is laying off 2,400 employees as a cost-cutting measure, CNBC reports. The process began weeks ago in regions around the world and continued this week in the U.S.. This workforce reduction affects approximately 2,400 employees globally, who will recei… [+270 chars]

Coldplay suspends touring over environmental concerns

Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay, said in an interview with the BBC Thursday that the band will not tour its latest album, "Everyday Life," because of concerns over the environmental impact of global tours. The big picture: Instead of a tour, the ba… [+122 chars]

FCC will free auto airwaves for WiFi after long-running battle with automakers

The big picture: Car companies and cable providers have been feuding over a swath of spectrum known as the 5.9 GHz band that was set aside 20 years ago for vehicle safety communications but never widely used for that purpose. Driving the news: Pai's proposal… [+1149 chars]

David Holmes: "Ukraine still needs us"

The big picture: EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland testified that he never heard directly from President Trump that the military aid was conditioned on an announcement of investigations, saying that assumption was his "own personal guess." <ul><li>He later adde… [+390 chars]

Live updates: Fiona Hill and David Holmes testify in impeachment hearing

Fiona Hill, President Trump's former top Russia adviser, and David Holmes, a State Department official at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, are testifying in Thursday's impeachment hearing. Driving the news: Hill will testify that a "fictional narrative" about Uk… [+273 chars]