What to stream this weekend: "American Horror Story: 1984," "First Wives Club" and "Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates"

TV Guide senior editor Krutika Mallikarjuna joined CBSN to talk about the best shows to stream this weekend: "American Horror Story: 1984," "First Wives Club" and "Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates."

"The Circus" returns for the 2020 election

Alex Wagner, a CBS News special correspondent and co-host of the political docuseries "The Circus," joined CBSN as the presidential primary season heats up. Season four of "The Circus" resumes Sunday on Showtime.

University of Chicago nurse strike: 2,200 nurses walk off job today -- live updates

More than 2,200 nurses at the University of Chicago Medical Center are walking off the job Friday morning, after contract talks with the hospital broke down this week amid a dispute over staffing levels and pay raises. CBS Chicago reports the striking nurses … [+3394 chars]

Trump press conference: Watch live stream as President Trump holds a press conference with Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison today – live updates

President Trump is holding a joint press conference with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison in the White House East Room on Friday.  The press conference comes after Mr. Trump announced the U.S. is leveling sanctions on Iran's central bank and national… [+711 chars]

Anne-Sophie Mutter on the music of John Williams

In this preview of an interview for "CBS Sunday Morning" to be broadcast September 22, the virtuoso violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter talks about collaborating with renowned composer John Williams for the new Deutsche Grammophon album, "Across the Stars," featurin… [+67 chars]

Trump announces new Iran sanctions on national bank

President Trump said Friday that his administration has moved to sanction the Iranian national bank. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin called this action the "highest" level of sanctions possible. Watch their remarks.

"Storm Area 51" hoax draws hundreds to events outside secretive U.S. base today; 1 arrested and 1 detained

Hiko, Nev. — About 75 people arrived early Friday at a gate at the once-secret Area 51 military base in Nevada at the exact time appointed by an internet hoaxster to "storm" the facility to see space aliens. One person was arrested and one person was detained… [+4950 chars]

Thomas Cook Airlines bankruptcy feared as tour operator Thomas Cook Group teeters on financial collapse

Britain's Thomas Cook, one of the world's oldest and largest travel companies, is facing a race against time to stay afloat and ensure that around 150,000 British holidaymakers traveling abroad can get home. The debt-laden tour operator confirmed Friday it w… [+2205 chars]

Trump slams whistleblower story as a "partisan hack job"

President Trump slammed reports about a whistleblower complaint against him regarding discussions he had with Ukraine's leadership. He told reporters it "didn't matter" what he discussed in the private call.

Amy O'Rourke's has mixed feelings about her husband's cursing

Amid a campaign swing for Beto O'Rourke Thursday in Las Vegas, Amy O'Rourke described a bittersweet relationship with her husband's penchant for profanity.  "I probably cringe when he cruses," she conceded in an interview with CBS News.  Mindful of irritati… [+2632 chars]