George Floyd's death sparks massive protests in Minneapolis

Massive crowds gathered Tuesday to protest at the site where George Floyd was violently arrested a day earlier. Floyd repeatedly told a police officer kneeling on his neck that he couldn't breath, bu… [+3298 chars]

CBS Evening News, May 26, 2020

Trump mocks Biden for wearing a face mask; Musicians play "Taps" across America to honor veterans on Memorial Day

Trump ramps up attacks against mail-in voting

President Trump has repeatedly criticized mail-in voting in recent days, insisting it leads to voter fraud. On Tuesday, Twitter included a fact check along with one of the president's tweets for the … [+1732 chars]

White House touts progress despite uptick of coronavirus cases in over a dozen states

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Retail stores can reopen for in-person shopping starting Wednesday, LA mayor says

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Los Angeles retail stores to reopen this week with in-person shopping, mayor says

Retail stores in Los Angeles are able to welcome back customers for in-person shopping beginning Wednesday, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Tuesday. CBS Los Angeles reported that the stores will have t… [+2517 chars]

With sports at a standstill, stadiums are finding creative ways to cater to fans

The future of baseball, football and hockey remain uncertain as the coronavirus pandemic continues. In the meantime, venue owners throughout the country have announced plans to convert their faciliti… [+3402 chars]

Top Republican unsatisfied with White House justification for inspector general firings and replacements

Top Senate Republican Chuck Grassley said Tuesday that he isn't satisfied with the White House's explanation for the president's recent dismissal of multiple inspectors general. In a span of six week… [+2881 chars]

Thousands of U.S. immigration agency employees could face furloughs without emergency funds

Thousands of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services employees could be furloughed in late July unless the cash-strapped government agency, which oversees the nation's legal immigration system, rec… [+4973 chars]

Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer says husband's boating comments were "failed attempt at humor"

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer said Tuesday that her husband "made a failed attempt at humor" in response to reports that he cited his connection to the governor when attempting to get his boat i… [+3005 chars]