Dow Plummets After German Lockdown Triggers Stock Market Crash

The Dow Jones plunged for the second time this week, as coronavirus cases are sparking lockdowns in Europe.

Prince Andrew is Staging a 'Comeback' - Which Nobody is Asking For

Prince Andrew is trying to 'stage a comeback' through his actions and words. But no one wants it but him, for his own selfish reasons.

Kate Middleton 'Handcuffs' Insult Proves Media's Royal Women Loathing

The British media isn't racist as many claim. It's long had it in for royal women like Duchess Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

One Direction May Never Reunite Again After Niall Horan Milestone

Niall Horan was just named to a very prestigious list. It looks like One Direction fans will never get the reunion they're desperate for.

Dow Falls as Fiscal Stimulus Hopes Die With McConnell's Senate Order

The Dow fell on Tuesday, as hopes of imminent government aid collapsed with Mitch McConnell's decision to recess the Senate till November 9.

50 Cent Dumps Supporting Donald Trump - Was It Over Money?

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, who previously endorsed Trump, withdrew his support. According to one report, his switch was financially motivated.

Dow Under Pressure as Pre-Election Jitters Weigh on U.S. Stock Market

The Dow Jones struggled for momentum Tuesday, as investors remained fixated on the election, corporate earnings, and Covid-19.

Is Prince Harry Going To Renounce His Allegiance To the Queen?

Could Prince Harry renounce his allegiance to the Queen? If he has ambitions to vote in US elections, he'll have no other choice.

Dow Crashes 800 Points as Trump's Polling Bump Spooks Stock Market

The Dow Jones fell sharply on Monday, as investors worry about the damage a contested election would do to stimulus talks.