Top Pro Athletes Like Messi Would Make a Killing in Bitcoin Earnings

By CCN Markets: Russell Okung, who plays for the Los Angeles Chargers in the NFL, has been pushing for the league to pay those multi-million-dollar salaries in bitcoin. You could say he's football's biggest bitcoin advocate, and he is quickly bringing attenti… [+2587 chars]

Apple Sucking Up to Customers in Desperate Attempt to Save the iPhone

By CCN Markets: Apple founder Steve Jobs never believed in listening to customers. He believed that common people like us dont exactly know what we want. So the great Apple founder took it upon himself to decide what features belong in an iPhone. The success… [+3211 chars]

Trump Ups the Ante on China While Bitcoin & Gold Shine Bright

By CCN Markets: China had to see this one coming. After China President Xi Jinping revealed his intentions to slap fresh tariffs on $75 billion in U.S. goods, President Trump raised the stakes, revealing in a tweetstorm that two could play that game. He decid… [+3699 chars]

Trump Readies Fed Rate Cut amid Dow Plunge but Is It too Late?

By CCN Markets: The Dow Jones has plunged by well over 2 percent in a single session on Friday as U.S. President Donald Trump issued a stern warning towards China. The Dow Jones has dropped by more than $1,500 in the past month. | Source: Yahoo Finance Ahea… [+2193 chars]

Crypto Exchange OKEx Pounds the Table on 34% Bitcoin Price Surge

By CCN Markets: Crypto exchange OKEx isn't concerned that the bitcoin price appears to have hit a wall just above the $10,000 mark. In fact, the industry giant believes BTC will surge another 34% to $14,000 before the end of the year, thanks to a helping han… [+2344 chars]

Dow Crashes 550 Points, Erases Weekly Gains in 15 Brutal Minutes

By CCN Markets: The Dow and broader U.S. stock market plunged anew on Friday after President Trump unleashed a fiery tweetstorm urging American businesses to shift their production domestically and look for an alternative to China. Economic data added fuel t… [+1896 chars]

Facebook’s Libra Backers Are Having Second Thoughts. No Surprise Here

By CCN Markets: Facebook's Libra project could be dead on arrival. If it does launch, it probably wont be anything like what was originally proposed by the worlds largest social media platform. More proof that all is not great with the ambitious crypto-rela… [+3739 chars]

This Little-Known Indie Studio Just Stood Up to Epic Games

By CCN Markets: When Epic Games tried to force the creator of DARQ, a promising indie horror title, to sign an exclusivity contract, the fledgling indie developer refused to back down. Now, gamers are hailing that developer - Unfold Games - as a hero for hav… [+2841 chars]

Mobile Fuels Gaming's Ascent to $152B, Transforms Gamer Image

By CCN Markets: Perceptions of gaming and gamers are on the cusp of changing thanks to the rising popularity of mobile games. This year alone, the value of the gaming market is expected to jump to a staggering $152.1 billion, making it the single most lucrati… [+2534 chars]

Stock Market Tanks After Trump Unloads on 'Enemies' Powell & Xi

By CCN Markets: The stock market entered a devastating free-fall after President Trump fired out a barrage of tweets today aimed at China and Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. "My only question is, who is our bigger enemy, Jay Powel (sic) or Chairman Xi?," Trump … [+2607 chars]