Radio Flyer's $100 Tesla Model Y is powered by kids' feet

A few years ago Radio Flyer teamed up with Tesla to create a kids’ version of the Tesla Model S. That drivable mini electric sedan packs a lithium-ion battery and costs $500. Now, the companies are r… [+479 chars]

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra review: Unabashedly over the top

There's no shortage of amazing Android phones you can get for less than the price of a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The OnePlus 8 Pro clocks in under $1,000. Sony's oddball Xperia 1 ii, with a 4K screen and… [+3699 chars]

Hisense's $4,000 laser projector comes with a 100-inch screen

The projector sits just 11 inches from the wall, so you can place it on a low piece of furniture with no need for a ceiling mount. It has built-in 30 watt speakers and uses dbx-TV for surround-like s… [+554 chars]

Google's smart displays will simplify multi-room audio

When you start playing music on your smart display, you’ll see a Cast symbol on the bottom left showing what device is also streaming the song. This will work with most audio apps, including Spotify,… [+1247 chars]

Google asks to test a new type of wireless broadband

Google has asked the FCC for permission to conduct secret wireless broad tests using the 6GHz spectrum in multiple cities across the US, according to a document spotted by Business Insider. It wants … [+767 chars]