Toxic coast: Cleaning up a century of industrial waste in New Jersey

When the 158 bus reaches the town of Edgewater, there's a sudden gap in the line of waterfront development on what is now known as New Jersey’s “Gold Coast.” Instead of high-rises, there are two giga… [+18918 chars]

'Pokémon Go' will better blend AR creatures into the real world

Pokémon Go’s augmented reality effect has always been a bit underwhelming when critters tend to float in front of objects, but Niantic hopes to make it more immersive. It’s testing a Reality Blending… [+592 chars]

HBO Max's early sign-up discount ends at 3AM ET

HBO Max is going to have a lot of content. The service encompasses not just HBO’s typical offerings, but also tons of movies and TV shows from WarnerMedia’s library. A subscription will cost a bit mo… [+955 chars]

Lenovo Chromebook Duet review: A surprisingly solid tablet experience

Keyboard and trackpad For starters, I have to give Lenovo props for including the keyboard in the box with the Duet. Basically, no tablets include a keyboard these days, even ones like the Surface a… [+4062 chars]

Philips Hue leaks show new versatility for Lightstrip Plus and Bloom

Over on the Bloom, meanwhile, a forthcoming refresh will mean the device will largely look the same from the outside, but will now tout a bunch of technical changes under the hood. The previous model… [+572 chars]