‘Storm Area 51’ Spawns Festivals—And Police Response

About 75 people arrived early Friday at a gate at the once-secret Area 51 military base in Nevada at the time appointed by an internet hoaxster to "storm" the facility to see space aliens and at least two were detained by sheriff's deputies. The "Storm Area … [+6832 chars]

Will the Bakkt Launch Help Bitcoin Go Mainstream?

On September 22, a product designed to remake Bitcoin as a mainstream investment for the world's investment managers will go live. When ICE Futures U.S., one of the world's largest commodities markets, opens trading at 8 p.m. ET that day, it will offer Bakkt … [+19513 chars]

The Second Episode of the Bill Gates Netflix Documentary Is the One to Watch

Netflix has released a new three-part docuseries attempting to peer into the mind of billionaire Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates. Aptly titled Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates, the three-hour series ebbs and flows between Gates's upbri… [+4288 chars]

Forget About Unicorn Companies … Decacorns Are All the Rage in 2019: Term Sheet

Why be a unicorn when you can be a decacorn? (Whats a decacorn? A company with a valuation of more than $10 billion, of course.) STRIPE: Payment processing company Stripe announced earlier this month that it was expanding into lending and credit. Now, its go… [+7052 chars]

Bond Market Turbulence: Why It Matters and What to Do About It

For decades, bonds have offered a kind of fallout shelter for jittery investors in uncertain times. But in 2019, the bond market has looked more like the tip of a warhead aimed at their portfolios. Global interest rates, already low for most of the decade si… [+3654 chars]

Google Has Bought Enough Renewable Electricity To Power All of Uruguay

Google has just made the largest corporate purchase of renewable energy in history, or so says CEO Sundar Pichai, announcing in a blog post on the companys website September 19 that the search giant has signed 18 power purchasing agreements to provide the tec… [+3791 chars]

The Best College Majors for Getting a Job After Graduation

No doubt about it, choosing a major in college is complicated. Do you pick something you love history, let's say, or English literature and hope for the best? Or do you decide on a field where you're all but guaranteed to start pulling down a nice salary as s… [+4043 chars]

With iOS 13 and iPadOS’s Release, These iPhones and iPads Are Now Obsolete

Apple made its iOS 13 update available for download on Thursday, Sept. 19, adding an array of new features to the iPhone's operating system. Meanwhile, iPads will get updated on on Sept. 30, the release date for its new iPadOS. But not every Apple device can… [+2203 chars]

Blackstone CEO’s Leadership Lesson: Think Big and Never Give Up

Stephen Schwarzman says people have been asking him for years how he built Blackstone Group into one of the world's most successful investment firms. So he finally decided to write a book on how he did it. He calls it, quite simply, What It Takes. "It takes … [+1836 chars]

Out of the Office: Sweet Success With the Founder of Dylan’s Candy Bar

Do you think you have a big sweet tooth? Have you tried over 7,000 different kinds of candy? Dylan Lauren has. But thats just the beginning of how she built Dylans Candy Bar. Fortunes Beth Kowitt stepped out of the office and into Dylans Candy Bar in New Yor… [+339 chars]