This is GM’s new series of Ultium Drive electric motors

332 with 114 posters participating, including story author <ul><li> This is GM's new family of Ultium Drive electric vehicle drive units. From L-R: Assist all-wheel drive unit, front-wheel drive u… [+4830 chars]

U.S. bans WeChat, TikTok, citing national security reasons | CBC News

The U.S. Commerce Department has issued an order that will bar people in the United States from downloading Chinese-owned messaging app WeChat and video-sharing app TikTok, starting Sunday. Commerce… [+5740 chars]

The age-old strategy of buying cheap shares is faltering

FOR MORE than a century scores of investors have prospered through value investing, or buying shares in firms which appear cheap given their fundamentals. Warren Buffett, an eminently quotable value … [+3052 chars]

Six indicted in connection with multi-million dollar scheme to bribe Amazon employees and contractors

Seattle - Six people have been indicted by a Grand Jury in the Western District of Washington with conspiring to pay over $100,000 in commercial bribes to Amazon employees and contractors, in exchang… [+6529 chars]

Boot from USB · Issue #28 · raspberrypi/rpi-eeprom

Hello, i use the raspberry pi 4 one with 4GB and one with 8GB RAM. The new function Boot from USB only working on the 4GB device. On the 8 GB device i get the message "card not detected." and four ti… [+1091 chars]

Use long flags when scripting

I peruse a fair amount of dotfile repos, and keep seeing people use short flags inside aliases and little command line tools. Short flags are a command line shortcut , and they do belong there, but… [+420 chars]


3D game engine written in Rust. Support If you want to support the development of the project, click the link below. Screenshots These screenshots are from rusty-shooter which is a big demo for t… [+1628 chars]

The Mere Presence of One’s Own Smartphone Reduces Available Cognitive Capacity (2017)

Our smartphones enableand encourageconstant connection to information, entertainment, and each other. They put the world at our fingertips, and rarely leave our sides. Although these devices have imm… [+801 chars]

CEO Of Cyber Fraud Startup NS8 Arrested By FBI, Facing Fraud Charges

Adam Rogas, CEO of fraud prevention software startup NS8, was arrested by the FBI Friday. Getty Images The CEO of a startup that sold fraud prevention software is facing fraud charges after he was… [+2854 chars]

Why Christopher Nolan Actually Blew Up A Real Plane For Tenet

While many directors will heavily use CGI to pull off difficult movie scenes, Christopher Nolan has historically shied away from CGI whenever possible. He famously ditched the approach in The Dark Kn… [+2695 chars]