Undeleting a file overwritten with mv

Its been a while since we shared the story of an incident with you, and thats probably a good thing most operational incidents we had in the past year were boring enough in nature to fix them easil… [+11037 chars]


A fast high compression read-only file system Overview DwarFS is a read-only file system with a focus on achieving very high compression ratios in particular for very redundant data. This probabl… [+20367 chars]

Psychology of Intelligence Analysis (2007)

Thinking About Thinking Of the diverse problems that impede accurate intelligence analysis, those inherent in human mental processes are surely among the most important and most difficult to deal wi… [+14460 chars]

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Exactly how much physical memory is installed?

I've often wanted to calculate the exact amount of physical memory installed in a system running Linux, and I finally stumbled across a satisfying solution today: look under /sys/devices/system/mem… [+4263 chars]

Ask HN: Top Coursera Corses?

The course is good, the book is better, in my opinion. Although it covers the same, but I like its presentation much better than the video course.Nisam/Schocken: "The Elements of Computing Systems" … [+260 chars]

Little Things That Made Amiga Great – Datagubbe.se

A deep dive into a selection of ingenious AmigaOS features. Autumn 2020 Table of Contents Introduction To most people, the Amiga is probably synonymous with the Amiga 500 and that machine was, … [+21929 chars]


gallery-dl is a command-line program to download image-galleries and -collections from several image hosting sites (see Supported Sites). It is a cross-platform tool with many configuration options… [+6242 chars]

This Guy Watercooled His Canon R5 and Unlocked Unlimited 8K

The Canon R5’s overheating time limit has been the subject of much discussion and controversy. Regardless of how or why the overheating happens, Matthew Perks over at DIY Perks has come up with an un… [+3828 chars]

Microsoft is working on an Android subsystem for Windows 10

Microsoft is reportedly creating a subsystem, similar to the Windows Subsystem for Linux, that allows Android applications to run on Windows 10. With around a 70% mobile market share and, unlike iOS… [+2291 chars]