SeleniumBase Tours utilize your choice of 4 different JavaScript libraries for prototyping walkthroughs, onboarding experiences, and digital adoption solutions on any website:Shepherd, Bootstrap Tour, IntroJS, and Hopscotch.Choose your favorite one to use! E… [+3427 chars]


A neural network to predict whether your HN post will get up votes by the title. Test your title here About A project about neural networks and NLP. Can a neural network predict how many up votes your HN post will have? Motivation Ever since I joined the… [+2298 chars]

OpenBSD : why and how | Derek Sivers

OpenBSD : why and how 2018-04-20 The only operating system I use on my computers is not Mac, not Windows, and not even Linux. Its OpenBSD, and I love it so much. So I figured I should say a little something about why, and how you can try it. Its probably… [+3159 chars]

Apple introduces 16-inch MacBook Pro, the world’s best pro notebook

All-New MacBook Pro Features an Immersive 16-Inch Retina Display, Up to 80 Percent Faster Performance and a New Magic Keyboard

How VCs Make Money

Money, money, money. Always sunny. In the [fund managers's] world ABBA If you have ever been inside a VC firms office, youve probably seen a few things that seem excessive. It can range from a bee apiary on the roof to meeting rooms featuring tables that see… [+17616 chars]


OpenSwiftUI is an OpenSource implementation of Apple's SwiftUI DSL. The project's goal is to provide a platform-agnostic interface without the generation of the graphical user interface. The rendering of graphical user interfaces can be implemented in platf… [+322 chars]

More Intel speculative execution vulnerabilities

On Nov 12, 2019, we (VUSec) disclose TSX Asynchronous Abort (TAA), a new speculation-based vulnerability in Intel CPUs as well as other MDS-related issues, as described in our new RIDL addendum. In reality, this is no new vulnerability. We disclosed TAA (a… [+5110 chars]

Luke Valenty on Twitter

Welcome home! This timeline is where youll spend most of your time, getting instant updates about what matters to you. Tweets not working for you? Hover over the profile pic and click the Following button to unfollow any account. Say a lot with a little … [+713 chars]

Next in Google’s Quest for Consumer Dominance—Banking

Google will soon offer checking accounts to consumers, becoming the latest Silicon Valley heavyweight to push into finance. The project, code-named Cache, is expected to launch next year with accounts run by Citigroup Inc. and a credit union at Stanford Univ… [+46 chars]

Can the long-lost abalone make a comeback in California?

Hunched over a tank inside the Bodega Marine Laboratory, alongside bubbling vats of seaweed and greenhouses filled with algae, Kristin Aquilino coaxed a baby white abalone onto her hand. She held out the endangered sea snail no larger than a bottle cap like … [+18265 chars]