Über fast, backwards compatible (IE8+), tiny, and simple status page built with Hugo. Completely free with Netlify, Netlify CMS. Want an example? Click here to see a live demo! You can also see wha… [+7382 chars]

DuckDuckGo — Privacy, simplified.

The Internet privacy company that empowers you to seamlessly take control of your personal information online, without any tradeoffs.

Astrology for Mathematicians

Welcome to Math-strology! While some people strongly identify with their astrological sign, others think astrology is complete bullsh*t. If you clicked on this website, you're probably in the second… [+288 chars]

Show HN: Calculate how long your website/API can be down

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Oracle vs. PostgreSQL – A Comment

Hi, I know, this list is not for this, but I just couldn't resist. Please forgive me. Being an Oracle DBA for two decades now (back then starting with Oracle 8.0.5) and only doing PostgreSQL since … [+3568 chars]


Imgur: The magic of the Internet

A simple way to get more value from metrics

Most of the week was spent ramping up on various parts of the Twitter stack, I estimate it would've been one day of work for someone who was already fluent in Scala, Scalding, and our metrics stack. … [+1082 chars]

Sign in with Apple Zero Day

What if I say, your Email ID is all I need to takeover your account on your favorite website or an app. Sounds scary, right? This is what a bug in Sign in with Apple allowed me to do. In the month o… [+2890 chars]

Superheroes of the deep: humpbacks bounce back from near extinction to help fight climate change

Finally, some good environment news: the humpback whale population is recovering from near extinction with 40,000 expected off the Australian east coast this breeding season, while helping the world … [+784 chars]

People Drawn to Conspiracy Theories Share a Cluster of Psychological Features

Stephan Lewandowsky was deep in denial. About six years ago the cognitive scientist had thrown himself into a study of why some people refuse to accept the overwhelming evidence that the planet is wa… [+16506 chars]