Night Hunter Review - IGN

Though it boasts a surprisingly star-studded cast, Night Hunter feels at every turn more like the pilot for a cable drama thatd be lucky to get a second season. It sets up a deep roster of characters and a decade-spanning mystery, but instead of letting that … [+3245 chars]

House of X #4 Review - IGN

House of X and Powers of X are exactly the sort of aggressive course-correction the X-Men line has been needing for years. At long last, it feels like the franchise is moving forward with clear purpose rather than recycling the same old tropes. House of X #4 … [+3008 chars]

Wu-Tang: An American Saga Review - IGN

A much different account of the Wu-Tang Clan than the RZA-produced Showtime docu-series Of Mics and Men, Wu-Tang: An American Saga goes the dramatized scripted series route for the Staten "Gattin" Island origins of RZA, GZA, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Ghostface Killa… [+3556 chars]

Avengers, Iceborne, Predator, and More Impressions - Beyond Episode 604 - IGN

IGN's weekly PlayStation show discusses IGN's Monster Hunter World: Iceborne review, our hands-on impressions of Marvel's Avengers and Predator: Hunting Grounds, and much more!

Disintegration Can Be an Esport, but Only If the Fans 'Demand' It - IGN

Disintegration is a new, sci-fi first-person shooter and real-time strategy hybrid from the former creative art director of Halo. We were able to speak briefly with Disintegration Marcus Lehto at PAX West where we discussed the origins of Disintegration, and … [+2737 chars]

Luigi's Mansion 3 Co-Op Is a Fun, If Easier, Way to Play - IGN

Having already gotten to go hands-on with one of the variously themed floors of Luigis Mansion 3s gargantuan hotel setting at E3 2019, I was excited to try out another at PAX West 2019. This time around, I got to do it with a co-op buddy (IGNs Brian Malkiewic… [+4500 chars]

Star Wars' The Mandalorian: Every Character and Actor We Know About So Far - IGN

The Star Wars franchise is finally making the jump to live-action TV this year. The upcoming Disney+ streaming service will feature an original series called The Mandalorian, about a mysterious gunfighter making a name for himself several years after the even… [+5404 chars]

Android 10 Is Now Available - IGN

Google has released Android 10, the latest operating system for Android phones. The new OS is currently only available to download on Pixel phones, but Google says it will begin rolling out to other Android phones later this year.The biggest new feature inclu… [+1410 chars]

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Alienware was one of the first boutique gaming PC brands to hit the consumer market, and its trademark Alien-like chassis has been no stranger to the world of PC gaming. Ever since buying out the Alienware brand in 2006, Dell has continued to maintain Alienwa… [+10597 chars]