Study identifies protein in the blood that may predict Alzheimer’s

New research has identified a type of protein in peoples blood that may be a predictor for Alzheimers disease. A new study has found that a type of protein in the blood could help predict Alzheimer’… [+4902 chars]

‘We all bleed the same color’: Why do Black women in the UK experience disparities in gynecological care?

In this article, we learn about the gynecological healthcare experiences of Black women in the United Kingdom. We also speak with Dr. Christine Ekechi, who is a co-chair of the Race Equality Taskforc… [+16801 chars]

Gene variant linked to higher stroke risk in Black people

A study has found that a gene involved in diabetes, lipid metabolism, and coronary artery disease may play a role in the increased risk of stroke among people of African descent. Stroke kills about… [+4760 chars]

Lucid dreaming study explains how to take control of our dreams

The largest study on lucid dreaming to date has identified the best techniques to help people take control of their nightly dreams. This practice could help people in their daily lives, the study aut… [+6295 chars]

Medical myths: The mystery of sleep

Despite spending around one-third of our lives in the land of nod, sleep still holds many mysteries. Scientists are chipping away at the details, but the wonder of slumber is much more complex than i… [+8363 chars]

Severe COVID-19: Interleukin-6 inhibitors may be most effective

An observational study found that people with COVID-19 who received these drugs early fared better than those who received them after they became critically ill. The study also suggests that the inhi… [+4601 chars]

Hydroxychloroquine: When medicine and politics clash

Dr. Yenting Chen is a board certified emergency medicine physician. In this article, he explains how medicine is clashing with politics over an ineffective drug. For many professionals in the scienc… [+10202 chars]

COVID-19 disruptions could lead to surge in infectious disease deaths

A new modeling study suggests that disruptions to health services caused by COVID-19 could lead to an increase in HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria deaths. Experts around the world expect the COVID-19… [+4930 chars]

Shifting goalposts: Research in the time of the coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned life, travel, and the economy upside down all around the world. But what impact has it had on research and research practices, in general? In this Special Feature, we… [+7659 chars]

Live updates: Coronavirus COVID-19

This article provides regularly updated information on the COVID-19 outbreak, with links to useful resources. The recent coronavirus outbreak began in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. Now known as SA… [+2122 chars]