Harry Styles And King Princess Will Melt Hearts Together In 2020

Take a look, my friend: Love is all around us. In our movies, in our homes, in fragrances that attempt to give it a scent. Have you ever seen love go on tour across multiple countries? That's a new one. Harry Styles is making this a reality with a new trek, L… [+948 chars]

Inside Jonas Brothers' 'Like It's Christmas': Songwriter Freddy Wexler Breaks Down The Festive Bop

Its hard to imagine Jonas Brothers' comeback going any better. Since rebooting the band in March, they've scored a No. 1 single, notched a chart-topping album, kicked off an ongoing world tour, and won their first VMA. Then, last week, they capped off their i… [+5335 chars]

Camila Cabello Is Releasing The Ultimate Guide To Young Love Next Month

It's official. Save the date. On December 6, Camila Cabello will be releasing her sophomore album, Romance. Everything that you've ever wanted to know about modern love will be there. And then, next year, Camila will be going on tour in support of her forthc… [+1964 chars]

Who Wants 16-Year-Olds To Vote? We Asked Every 2020 Presidential Candidate About Voter Access

By De Elizabeth Welcome to Got Issues?, MTV Newss candidate-by-candidate breakdown of your biggest concerns and questions about the 2020 race. Its official: Election Day 2020 is less than one year away. Next November, voters across the country will line up … [+24800 chars]

Gaten Matarazzo On The Strangeness Of Being A Stranger Teen

Like most 17 year olds, Gaten Matarazzo has a major case of senioritis. Just a few hours ago, he was at a downtown museum on a field trip in New York City. He loves school, but these days he spends most of his time in the music room of his New Jersey public h… [+5966 chars]