Avril Lavigne's New Tour Is An Uncomplicated Parade Of Hits

Avril Lavigne has been a lot of things. You probably think of her most as the necktie-rocking, eyeliner-inked rebel who skated onto the scene in 2002 and shook up the Britney-dominated pop landscape. In 2007, after an emotionally intense second album, she inj… [+3475 chars]

Blake Lively Looks Nothing Like Herself In The Rhythm Section

Blake Lively is starring in Paramount Pictures' upcoming thriller The Rhythm Section, but you may not have realized that at first. The actress is unrecognizable as she takes on the role of Stephanie Patrick, a woman who spirals down a path of "self-destructi… [+1352 chars]

Lil Nas X Lands On The Cover Of Billboard To Reflect On His Meteoric 2019

The meteoric (and now sustained) success of Lil Nas X in 2019 is and will forever be inextricably tied to Billboard. It's the key element in his origin story, and it's been recounted hundreds of times now. But quickly: After "Old Town Road" hit No. 19 on the … [+2143 chars]

Inside The Youth-Led Plan To Pull Off The Biggest Climate Strike So Far

By Rachel Janfaza In the past, students have jumped at the idea of a snow day, going as far as putting spoons under pillows or wearing pajamas inside out in hopes of a school cancelation. But now, with the impending doom of climate change, students are worri… [+8790 chars]

American Horror Story's Zach Villa Is Ready For His Breakout Moment

Zach Villa sits in a conference room armed with nothing but a cup of coffee (medium roast, splash of almond milk) and a glass of water. This is medicinal, so I can awaken, he nods toward the coffee, then turns to the water. This is therapeutic, so I can stay … [+9497 chars]