These women are fighting to uphold Ruth Bader Ginsburg's legacy

With RBG’s replacement set to be confirmed next week, a new generation of women are continuing the late justice’s work to protect marginalized communities.

Intensifying hurricanes are helping invasive species spread across the U.S.

More than a hundred species—including Asian swamp eels and zebra mussels—hitched a ride on Hurricane Isaias' floodwaters, scientists say.

Poll: Many Americans unsure when they will fly again

A new National Geographic survey discovers most people, regardless of age or politics, aren’t comfortable traveling on airplanes now.

Preventing a world without coffee

The Jalapa region, where some of Guatemala's best-quality coffee is grown, suffers from soil erosion, but an agroforestry program is helping farmers secure their future and the world’s supply of quality coffee.

Drug-resistant superbug thriving in hospitals hit hard by COVID-19

Doctors worry that a dangerous yeast, which can colonize a person’s skin without generating symptoms, is rising due to medical centers being overrun.

Witch hunt tourism is lucrative. It also obscures a tragic history

Salem, Massachusetts, balances profit and tribute. How can other popular witch history sites do the same?

30 phenomenal vintage pictures from the Nat Geo archives

Check out this handful of vintage images we discovered while poring through our historic collection.

Hurricane path forecasts have much improved. Are they as good as they can get?

Storm track forecasts are one of the great science successes of the past few decades, but how much better they can get is an open question.

Promising sign of life on Venus might not exist after all

The detection of phosphine gas in the clouds of Venus—a possible sign of life—might be due to a fluke in data processing, new analyses suggest.

First 'murder hornet' nest found in U.S., a key step in preventing spread

The hive, in Washington State, will be destroyed. Its discovery shows that Asian giant hornets can be tracked and killed.