A Post-Post-Cold-War NATO

U.S. soldiers attend welcoming ceremony for NATO troops near Orzysz, Poland, in 2017. (Kacper Pempel/Reuters) The U.S.-led alliance has been very successful for most of a century. Now what?It is a bit rich to hear French president Emmanuel Macron announce th… [+8158 chars]

The Saudi Aramco IPO Raises Serious Geopolitical Concerns

Facility at Aramco’s Shaybah oilfield in the Empty Quarter of Saudi Arabia in 2018. (Ahmed Jadallah/Reuters) The state-owned oil giants intent to go public is deeply problematic for the West, the United States, and the global economy.On November 9, the Kingd… [+6800 chars]

The Conservative Case for Class Actions?

(Pixabay) Theyre better than the alternative: regulation by bureaucrats.In 2011, the U.S. Supreme Court decided a case called AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion. The case pitted a class of cell-phone customers against AT&T. The customers claimed they had be… [+6140 chars]

The Case for Common-Good Capitalism

(Pixabay) Dignified work, strong families, and strong communities are key to civic and economic well-being.In 1891, amid the disruption of the Industrial Revolution and the rise of socialism, Pope Leo XIII wrote that the ultimate goal for any society should … [+7395 chars]

Beware Elizabeth Warren? &c.

Senator Elizabeth Warren in Chicago on October 22, 2019(Joshua Lott / Reuters) On the 2020 election; Jay Leno; Charlotte, N.C.; Peter Collier; and moreFor the last several weeks, Ive said that the nomination of Elizabeth Warren by the Democratic party would … [+10107 chars]

Shaking Down the Rich Is Bad for Democracy

Sen. Elizabeth Warren speaks at the Iowa Democratic Wing Ding in Clear Lake, Iowa, August 9, 2019.(Gage Skidmore) The more citizens believe that a small group of undeserving wealthy people are denying them nice things, the uglier our politics will become.For… [+4478 chars]

DACA’s Day in Court

(Jonathan Ernst/Reuters) When President Obama unilaterally changed immigration policy after repeatedly and correctly insisting that he lacked the constitutional power to do it, he said that congressional inaction had forced his hand. In the case of his first… [+2804 chars]

Trump vs. the ‘Policy Community’

(Joshua Roberts/Reuters) We resolve policy disputes by elections, not impeachments.When it comes to Russia, I am with what Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman calls the American policy community. Vindman, of course, is one of the House Democrats star impea… [+7881 chars]

A Preposterous Review

(Mike Segar/Reuters) A response to Charles KingA   Georgetown University professor named Charles King has reviewed my new book The Case for Nationalism for Foreign Affairs, and his review is a train wreck. It is worth dwelling on, not only because the revie… [+15714 chars]