'Storm Area 51' day is here. Two music festivals are hoping to cash in.

What happens near Area 51 stays near Area 51. Hundreds of revelers are expected to descend on a pair of tiny, dusty desert towns outside Las Vegas this weekend to take in some music and maybe just maybe catch a glimpse of a top-secret extraterrestrial life f… [+2433 chars]

Vallejo police have grappled with force complaints. Now comes a wave of fresh lawsuits.

The city of Vallejo, California, where residents are calling for an outside review after a spate of fatal police shootings and excessive force complaints in recent years, is facing three new lawsuits claiming officers have violated people's civil rights inclu… [+4128 chars]

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio drops 2020 bid

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio dropped out of the 2020 presidential race Friday, ending a long shot bid for the Democratic nomination that never went anywhere. "I feel like I have contributed all I can to this primary election. Its clearly not my time, s… [+2158 chars]

Trump admin ignored its own evidence of climate change's impact on migration from Central America

Law enforcement over food aid Under the agreement with Guatemala, an outline of which was obtained by NBC News, nearly 90 Americans from Immigration and Customs and Enforcement and CBP are slated to deploy to Guatemala to stop immigrants from other Central A… [+6187 chars]

Global climate strike protests expected to draw millions

LONDON Millions of people are expected to join demonstrations demanding action on climate change in scores of cities around the world on Friday, including in hotbeds of the environmental movement such as London, New York, San Francisco and Seattle. Australia… [+4735 chars]

How one Syrian camp shows the fight against ISIS isn't over

AL-HOL, Syria On a barren stretch of desert roadway in northeastern Syria lies the al-Hol refugee camp a sprawling sea of tents, home to nearly 70,000 people. More than 90 percent of its inhabitants are women and young children, many under 12, according to th… [+9455 chars]

Pentagon is last holdout as Stephen Miller tries to slash number of refugees allowed in U.S.

WASHINGTON The Pentagon is fighting against proposals by White House officials to drastically cut the number of refugees allowed into the U.S., and has called for reserving visas for Iraqis who risked their lives working for U.S. troops, according to five peo… [+7843 chars]

Whisteblower complaint about Trump involves Ukraine, report says

A whistleblower complaint by an intelligence official about a promise made by President Donald Trump to a foreign leader involves Ukraine, The Washington Post reported Thursday evening. The newspaper cited two people familiar with the matter whom it did not … [+4234 chars]

Can Justin Trudeau survive the blackface scandal? Canadian political experts weigh in

The Canadian general election next month was shaping up to be a routine affair, according to some political observers. Drew Fagan, a public policy professor at the University of Toronto, compared the campaign so far to "Seinfeld" a show about nothing. But th… [+4448 chars]

A looming teacher strike in Chicago is about far more than just salaries

CHICAGO If Chicago teachers accept the pay raise theyve been offered by the citys mayor and school board a 16 percent bump over five years they could soon be some of the highest paid big-city teachers in the nation. But here, in a city where many schools lac… [+11001 chars]