Mystery of why humans walk upright may be explained by surprise fossil

By Colin Barras Chimps tend to use all four legs to walk Cavan Images/Getty We might have misunderstood one of the greatest mysteries of human evolution. For decades, its been unclear why we began walking on two legs instead of moving on all fours as it is… [+285 chars]

Autonomous killer drones set to be used by Turkey in Syria

By David Hambling The Turkish army is increasingly using drones in combat Soner Kilinc/Anadolu Agency/Getty Turkey is to become the first nation to use drones able to find, track and kill people without human intervention. The country recently started pro… [+365 chars]

Global climate strikes: Here's what's happening on the ground

By Adam Vaughan Protesters in London Dan Kitwood/Getty Hundreds of thousands of adults and children from Sydney to London have taken to the streets today as part of a global strike against governments inaction on climate change. Organisers said around 400… [+365 chars]

Stars that eat planets can start spinning so fast they rip apart

By Leah Crane Planets that orbit close to their star could end up being eaten NASA/ESA/G. Bacon Stars sometimes bite off more than they can chew. When a star devours a planet, it can have strange effects on the star, including causing it to start falling a… [+2163 chars]

Drone equipped with nail gun can fix the roof so you don't have to

By Chris Baraniuk Drones are now strong enough to carry all sorts of accessories – including nail guns iStock / Getty Images Drones can sometimes be a nuisance, but heres one thats downright helpful. An octocopter equipped with a nail gun can fly up and fi… [+1859 chars]

The cost of subsidising UK wind farms has dropped to an all-time low

By Adam Vaughan Wind power is becoming cheaper Holger Leue/Getty Images The cost of subsidising offshore windfarms has dropped to a record low in the UK. Results of a government auction on Friday show windfarms will be built in 2025 for as little as £39.65… [+2470 chars]

The school climate strikes this Friday need the support of adults

Josie Ford IT IS just over a year since Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, frustrated by political inaction on climate change and following Sweden’s hottest summer in more than 250 years, skipped school and sat in front of the Swedish parliament with a handwri… [+385 chars]

Laws are needed when technological change ends up squeezing workers

By Annalee Newitz GADO Images/Alamy Stock Photo IT STARTED with a rumour. Dont use the DoorDash app to tip your driver, a friend told me. The company steals tips. You have to pay the driver directly, in cash. Sure enough, a few days later the story broke: D… [+271 chars]

Jeffrey Epstein scandal raises questions over who should fund science

By Chelsea Whyte MIT’s Media Lab combines research from technology, media, science and art Nemanja Trifunovic/ THE revelation that financier Jeffrey Epstein was funding high-profile scientific research even after he had been convicted of s… [+406 chars]

Special report: How climate change is melting France’s largest glacier

By Adam Vaughan The Mer de Glace glacier Kate Moore for New Scientist “IT’S very fast. We are confronted with the reality of the retreat,” says glaciologist Luc Moreau about the rapidly vanishing ice at France’s biggest glacier. We are looking at the unmis… [+6460 chars]