Welcome to the Toy Matrix, the Strategist’s Definitive Kid Gift Guide

If youre familiar with New York Magazines Approval Matrix, you might recognize the concept here except this matrix is dedicated entirely to toys. Matrices, we should say; weve created them for ages 1 through 10. Theres the Educational quadrant: the musical bl… [+2643 chars]

Tulsi Gabbard’s Eclectic Base

If youve followed U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbards political career, you might figure the base of support for her long-shot Democratic presidential campaign would be progressives with views even more anti-Establishmentarian than those of Bernie Sanders and … [+6428 chars]

A Bartender’s Guide to Boston

Its commonly understood that the best way to explore a new place is to go straight to the locals. Each week in the Urbanist, we take that wisdom one step further by seeking out not just locals but local experts those who are especially well versed in their ci… [+10977 chars]

What Life in 2019 Can Tell Us About Life in 2029

The future is already here. Its just not evenly distributed.When the novelist William Gibson said this probably in the late 80s, though, like a lot of prophetic aphorisms, when he first said it is not exactly clear he was describing distribution by place: iPh… [+93074 chars]

In 2029, AI Will Make Prejudice Much Worse

If youre female, the machines may not recognize you as human. They may not see you if youre trans or a person of color, nor, possibly, if you have poor dental hygiene or carry a cane or are diminutive in stature or extraordinarily tall. The machines understan… [+3371 chars]

In 2029, the Internet Will Make Us Act Like Medieval Peasants

In late August, a black-sailed ship appeared in the harbor carrying a 16-year-old visionary, a girl who had sailed from the far north across a great sea. A mass of city-dwellers and travelers, enthralled by her prophecies, gathered to welcome her. She had com… [+6975 chars]

Trump’s EPA Agenda Is Wildly Unpopular. Dems Should Make It a 2020 Issue.

The Trump administration is a government of Donald Trump and his cronies, for Donald Trump and his cronies, and by Donald Trump and his cronies. The Democratic Party has put this allegation at the center of its case for evicting Trump from the Oval Office AS… [+9844 chars]