Bloomberg Could Become 2020 Heavyweight Immediately: Political Scientist

The billionaire mogul Michael Bloomberg could have a big impact on the Democratic Party's 2020 primaries, a political scientist has said, amid reports he is preparing the ground to do just that. Bloomberg, 77, is a former mayor of New York City and has been … [+3273 chars]

On Three-Year Anniversary of Election, Polls Say Most Americans Disapprove of Trump

Three years after he was elected, opinion poll averages show that a majority of Americans do not approve of President Donald Trump's presidency, and for most of his tenure, a plurality of people have consistently disapproved of his job performance. In averag… [+3393 chars]

Mitch McConnell No Worse Off for 2020 After Bevin's Kentucky Loss: Analyst

Republican Matt Bevin's loss of the Kentucky governorship to Democratic candidate Andy Beshear excited opponents of the state's Sen. Mitch McConnell, majority leader in the U.S. Senate, ahead of his own bid for re-election in 2020. Democrats are hoping Bevin… [+4205 chars]

Best STEM Schools - Top 500

America is a nation of entrepreneurs and innovators, and our economic vitality and national security depend on our sustaining that vibrant culture. Science, technology, engineering, mathematicsthese are the fields in which our children need to be fluent. The … [+1270 chars]

Newsweek: The Wizard of Oz

For eight decades, audiences have been enchanted by Dorothy's journey along the Yellow Brick Road in the iconic film, The Wizard of Oz. Now, celebrate the film's 80th anniversary with Newsweek's Special Edition. Featuring an introduction by Jane Albright, pre…

EQUIS Accredited Business Schools 2019

There are various factors prospective students can look at while making their selection. Geographical destination, the school's reputation, rankings, curriculum, career services, fees and scholarship options are just some of the pointers, but how can they acc… [+2060 chars]

Annual Global Education 2019

The UAE is made up of seven states (emirates), with each having a measure of autonomy under the federal government, known as the Supreme Council of Rulers. Fittingly, this institution is made up of the seven emirs the leaders of each emirate. Home to some of … [+1037 chars]

The Top Coding Schools of 2019

The Evolution of Coding Coding as a vocation is seen as a very recent phenomenon, but its roots lie back in the middle of the 19th century, when, in 1842, Ada Lovelace, the only child of the poet Lord Byron, is widely viewed to have written the first compute… [+4236 chars]

Leaders of Qatar, Part I

Qatar's success in promoting a diversified economy is evident in the country's advanced ranking on several international indicators. The state ranks first in terms of providing a safe business environment, second in terms of the tax impact on business, third … [+37012 chars]

Leading Public Health Programs 2019

To answer that question, lets first define what the Public Health field encompasses. Public health can be summarized as the science of promoting well-being, preventing illness and improving and protecting the populations' health through individuals, groups a… [+4188 chars]