Trump slams U.S.-allied Kurds as 'not angels'

President Donald Trump on Wednesday insulted Kurdish forces under siege by the Turkish military in northern Syria, remarking from the Oval Office that those U.S.-allied soldiers who led the charge against Islamic State fighters in the region are not angels. … [+449 chars]

Warren and Biden stop playing nice as she zooms in the polls

Biden responded that he agreed with the great job she did, and forcefully promoted his work as vice president whipping up support for Warrens proposed bureau among members of Congress. I went on the floor and got you votes, Biden shouted at Warren, gesturin… [+766 chars]

What heart attack? Bernie bounces back at debate

The inevitable question Sanders received from moderators about his age was relatively brief and painless. Asked how he would reassure Democratic voters that he has the energy to be president after his heart attack, he urged them to come to his rally in New Yo… [+3425 chars]

Dems go after Warren, and other big moments from Tuesday’s debate

Biden instead focused his response on impeaching President Donald Trump, noting that Trump on three separate occasions has invited foreign leaders to get involved in U.S. elections. Rudy Giuliani, the president and his thugs have already proven that they, i… [+11855 chars]

Democrats stop faking it — and have a serious debate

Along the way, two new dynamics shaped the evening. The first was the degree of critical focus on Sen. Elizabeth Warren, reflecting a calculation that she, rather than former Vice President Joe Biden, has the momentum in the race and is setting the agenda f… [+6686 chars]

Our campaign reporters dish on the biggest debate takeaways

On the other end, Joe Biden couldnt have looked less like a front-runner. His answer on age was effective, and he avoided a prolonged exchange focused on his sons unseemly, foreign employment situations. But his lack of energy over three hours didnt back up h… [+15093 chars]

Warren's charmed campaign just entered a brutal new phase

Warrens biggest gains have come since the last debate, so Tuesday's debate was the natural point for a more full-throated engagement from the other candidates. Until now, three elements central to Warrens candidacy have received relatively little pressure fro… [+6502 chars]

Cash crunch splits Dem field

That built-up cash and the freedom to spend big leading up to Democratic primary voting is enormously important, and Id argue, more important than what you raised, said former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, a 2004 presidential candidate. Cash is the biggest, most … [+5574 chars]

‘I’m Starting Not to Care That She Is Brutal to Her Staff’

Since the candidates for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination last assembled on a debate stage a month ago, Elizabeth Warren has steadily risen in the polls, and in the sights of her rival candidates. On Tuesday night, she faced more attacks, from more… [+32584 chars]

Who's winning — and losing — the great 2020 money chase.

Everything you need to know from the presidential candidates' quarterly fundraising reports.