Big Tech nemesis Lina Khan is gaining traction for top Biden antitrust role

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How Trump could theoretically get his Facebook back after being banned

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Why Trump’s Twitter ban isn’t a violation of free speech: Deplatforming, explained

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How will Trump live without Twitter and Facebook? Ask Alex Jones.

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On Biden’s inauguration, misinformation is easy to find on Facebook and Twitter

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Telegram: Extremists’ new favorite messaging and social media app

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Facebook’s and Twitter’s world leader problem didn’t end with Trump’s ban

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Donald Trump pardons Anthony Levandowski on the advice of Peter Thiel

In one of his final acts as President, Donald Trump early on Wednesday morning suddenly pardoned the engineer at the center of an iconic, litigious, and years-long conflict between Uber, Google, and … [+2473 chars]

FBI investigates Capitol Hill rioters using their own social media posts

Capitol Police may have allowed nearly every member of a mob of pro-Trump rioters to enter, vandalize, and leave the Capitol building scot-free, but internet sleuths and official investigators are de… [+7855 chars]

How Biden’s FCC could fix America’s internet

President Biden has named Jessica Rosenworcel as the acting chair of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Rosenworcel, a two-term commissioner who has championed closing the digital divide, r… [+14924 chars]