Disney’s Disney+ streaming service has tech problems at launch

Disney spent billions of dollars to launch its long-awaited streaming service today, and ... lots of people cant stream it. The internet lit up with reports of consumers who were unable to find, download, or get Disney+ to work on Tuesday (it worked fine for… [+3158 chars]

SMS texting could totally change by 2020. Here’s how.

On November 7, 2019, more than 168,000 people woke up to find that text messages they thought theyd sent on Valentines Day in fact were only just delivered overnight, nine months later. The snafu became a nightmare scenario for many. Blair Hickman, Voxs dir… [+13272 chars]

10 lessons for Disney, Apple and all the new streaming companies

The streaming wars the battle among giant companies that want your eyeballs and credit cards for their subscription services are officially underway. Earlier this month, Apple launched its Apple TV+ service. Today, Disney launches Disney+. In April, former … [+7863 chars]

Amazon’s Seattle city council nemesis Kshama Sawant declares victory

Amazon poured nearly $1.5 million into last weeks Seattle city council elections, aiming to defeat local, progressive politicians who supported a tax on big business that Amazon opposes. It didnt work. On election night, Amazons key political nemesis, Ksha… [+2529 chars]

WeWork’s Adam Neumann could be replaced by T-Mobile CEO John Legere

WeWorks former CEO Adam Neumann, whose erratic behavior and questionable leadership decisions led to him being pushed out of the company he founded, is a tough act to follow. Now, SoftBank, the investment firm thats essentially taken control of the troubled c… [+2549 chars]

Bloomberg’s Matt Levine interviewed by Peter Kafka on Recode Media

Bloombergs Matt Levine may be the best Wall Street columnist working today. Bloombergs Matt Levine previously spent four years working at Goldman Sachs. Those two sentences make for a pretty good causation versus correlation debate: Working at Goldman doesn… [+4140 chars]

Can new fire detection technology save California from wildfires?

Wildfires are getting more intense. In fact, 2018 was the worst recorded year for wildfires in California with almost 2 million acres burning down. Part of this is caused by climate change, which is happening all around us. You might say the escalating wild… [+6830 chars]

Jeff Bezos asked Mike Bloomberg if he’d consider running for president

Sometime after Amazon pulled the plug on plans for a New York City headquarters in February of this year, the citys former mayor Mike Bloomberg received a call from a top company executive. It wasnt just any Amazon executive it was Jeff Bezos, the company's … [+2670 chars]

Mithril Capital, one of Peter Thiel’s venture capital firms, has devolved into legal chaos

Peter Thiels troubled venture capital firm, Mithril Capital, has become embroiled in lawsuits and countersuits full of explosive claims that air the kind of dirty laundry Silicon Valley typically keeps inside the house. In the months following Recodes report… [+3803 chars]

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says Nielsen numbers are helpful

Netflix, which is best known for streaming TV shows, likes to position itself as the anti-TV service: No ads, no schedule, no waiting a week to watch new episodes. And, also, no ratings: If you want to know how popular a Netflix show is, you are probably goi… [+4098 chars]