Why Almost Nobody Will Defend the Iowa Caucuses

Others made more a parochial argument: It is good to be first. If Iowa changed to a primary, wed be dead, said Claire Celsi, a Democratic state senator from West Des Moines. There would be nothing special about it, so Im against that. I think we should stay … [+1940 chars]

Uneasy Calm in Bolivia as Lawmakers Threaten Showdown With Interim Leader

But the new government was welcomed enthusiastically by crowds in Santa Cruz, a longtime center of dissent against Mr. Morales, and other localities. But it appears that few people know much about Ms. Añez, who took power from an obscure legislative post. I… [+795 chars]

Hong Kong’s Universities, the Last Refuge of Protesters, Become Battlegrounds

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, with 20,000 students, is considered the most radical campus. Most of its students are Cantonese-speaking locals, some of whom live nearby with their parents in dense apartment blocks. And the campus is located high in the … [+1413 chars]

The Impeachment Inquiry’s Main Players

Top investigators for the Democrats and Republicans on the Intelligence Committee, they have already led the questioning of impeachment witnesses behind closed doors. Mr. Goldman, a former federal prosecutor, and Mr. Castor, not pictured, a veteran congressio… [+94 chars]

Live Stream Video and Analysis of Trump Impeachment Hearing

Nov 13, 2019 William B. Taylor Jr., the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine, and George P. Kent, a senior State Department official in charge of Ukraine policy, will appear before the House Intelligence Committee for the first public hearing of the impeachment inqu… [+3 chars]

Would 19 Hours and 16 Minutes in the Air Make Me Crazy?

After dinner, the mood rapidly downshifted. Whoosh, the lights went out. The effect was of being in a birdcage over which your owner has abruptly dropped a blackout cloth. Everyone lay down and (it seemed) fell asleep on the spot. Alone with my obsessions, I … [+1778 chars]

This Tom Hanks Story Will Help You Feel Less Bad

He and his siblings had the run of the house while their father worked long hours. They didnt eat the frozen vegetables he brought home, and they mostly knew what time it was because of what was on television. No one told me how to brush my teeth, he said. I … [+2546 chars]

As Push for Higher Minimum Wages Grows, New York Offers a Test Case

New York City and its neighbors, which are subject to different wage requirements, were not included in the analysis. New York is just a single example, but its experience matches the experience of several other states. Across seven states, recent pay incre… [+1162 chars]