Byton founder says he quit because of Chinese government interference

They are going to drive it to a stage where the whole Byton thing will be shut down Carsten Breitfeld, a founder and former CEO of EV startup Byton, says he left the company earlier this year because the Chinese government exerted too much influence after an… [+3838 chars]

The Galaxy Fold is still extremely fragile, and Samsung knows it

Filed under: Do not apply excessive pressure when tapping the screen

Netflix’s Between Two Ferns movie is thin, but that’s no problem

The movie-length adaptation of Zach Galifianakis internet shorts makes a fun hangout film Photo by Adam Rose / Netflix The brilliant simplicity of the Funny Or Die shorts series Between Two Fernsis that anyone could do it, but only one person could make it … [+4704 chars]

Verge readers can save up to $140 on a refurbished Google Pixel 3A

In like-new condition, and they come with six months of warranty coverage from Google This story is part of a group of stories called Only the best deals on Verge-approved gadgets get the Good Deals stamp of approval, so if you're looking for a deal on you… [+2058 chars]

Untitled Goose Game review: a honkin’ good time

GOTY: Goose of the Year House House The idea for Untitled Goose Game was hatched when developer Michael McMaster dropped a stock photo of a goose into Slack and half-jokingly said, Lets make a game about this. And the four-person indie studio House House ab… [+3309 chars]

How Blake Kathryn pulls futuristic 3D dreamscapes from her subconscious

Artist Blake Kathryns 3D dreamscapes have the power to transport viewers to another world one of rich color palettes, glossy androids, and a neon-hued alternate reality. Her one-of-a-kind look has attracted clients like Adidas, Fendi, The New York Times, and … [+9644 chars]

Charli XCX explains how streaming is changing songs

Charli XCX has made a career out of releasing music however and whenever she wants. So if much of her new album, Charli, already sounded familiar to fans, thats because it should: about half of the albums tracks were released as singles before its release, sp… [+7857 chars]

Petcube’s Play 2 camera makes it a little easier to be away from your pets

I am obsessed with my two cats, so much that I always feel the need to check in on them when were away. Theyre both perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, and theyre usually just sleeping in the same place whether Im watching them or not. But sometim… [+6650 chars]

How to move all your data to your new iPhone

Recent updates make it easier than ever Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge If youre one of the many who have just gotten Apples new iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or Pro Max, congratulations! Youre going to want to try out your snazzy new phone as soon as you … [+3761 chars]

iOS 13 review: join the dark side

iOS 13 is here. Apple is bringing a very different sort of update to last years iOS 12, which was built around performance improvements and rethinking how much we use our phones. iOS 13 is big and flashy. Its looking to wow users with a slick dark mode; strik… [+17828 chars]