Candace Owens tears into Democrats for 'faux concern' over white nationalist terrorist threat

Conservative commentator Candace Owens on Friday blasted Democrats’ “faux concern” about the terror threat from white nationalist groups while ignoring more pressing issues facing the African American community. “[White supremacy] is a fringe occurrence that… [+2779 chars]

Trump hitting Iranian bank with 'highest sanctions ever'

President Trump said Friday he’s imposing economic sanctions on Iran’s national bank that go “right to the top,” as his administration plots a response to Tehran’s alleged role in attacking Saudi oil fields. “Highest sanctions ever imposed on a country,” Mr.… [+864 chars]

Ruth Bader Ginsburg fires back at suggestion she should have retired under Obama

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Wednesday fired back at the suggestion that she should have retired when President Barack Obama was still in office. “It has been suggested by more than one commentator, including some law professors, that I shoul… [+1407 chars]

Michael Savage joins Donald Trump on the campaign trail

Veteran talk radio host Michael Savage took a ride on Air Force One with President Trump this week. The pair talked, they had lunch. Mr. Savage accompanied Mr. Trump to a fundraiser in California and said he walked away with insight about the president and an… [+1583 chars]

Iran threatens 'all-out war' as Trump trades tough talk for diplomacy

The Trump administration Thursday tried to pull back from the brink of confrontation with Tehran even as top Iranian officials warned they would respond to an attack with “all-out war,” as the Pentagon suggested that Saudi Arabia will take the lead in determi… [+6998 chars]

Kevin McAleenan, DHS chief, restarts program to delay deporting sick illegal immigrants

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan this week ordered his department to resume granting stays of deportation to sick illegal immigrants, even in cases not specifically covered by law, The Washington Times has learned. Mr. McAleenan’s decision … [+5640 chars]

Iowa or bust: Kamala Harris' last gambit to save presidential run

Sen. Kamala Harris is shifting strategy to going all-in on Iowa in a bid to save her presidential campaign. After plummeting in the polls, the Harris campaign announced Thursday that she was concentrating on Iowa and would end her run if she can’t score a to… [+2474 chars]

Whistleblower complaint involves Trump, foreign leader

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff accused the Trump administration Thursday of stonewalling an investigation of a national security whistleblower’s complaint against President Trump. Emerging from a three-hour closed-door briefing with the Intelligence… [+4220 chars]

Bus carrying singer Josh Turner's road crew crashes, 1 dead

SHANDON, Calif. (AP) — A tour bus carrying members of the road crew for country singer Josh Turner plunged off a cliff in central California, killing one person and injuring seven others, authorities said Thursday. Turner and his band were not on the bus whe… [+1273 chars]

Bariatric Physician Reveals the One Dangerous Chemical That Is Damaging You From the Inside

Copyright © 2019 Nucific.These statements haven't been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products aren't intended to help diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These products aren't intended for those with medical conditions. Use… [+171 chars]