'I never say never': Hillary Clinton refuses to close the door on a 2020 presidential run

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg opens the door to a 2020 Democratic presidential campaign, warning the current field of candidates is ill equipped to defeat President Donald Trump. (Nov. 8) AP Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refused to close the do… [+3750 chars]

Pathway of the impeachment process: How it works, where we are

Congress has impeached two presidents, more than a dozen judges and a few others in our nations history. Fewer than half were removed from office.  How’s that possible? And what exactly is impeachment and the process looming for President Trump? Impeachment… [+7534 chars]

Impeachment hearing: Diplomat says his aide overheard Trump asking about investigations

WASHINGTON The impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump moved into the public eye Wednesday as two witnesses testified before the House Intelligence Committee. Ambassador William Taylor, the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine, and George Kent, deputy assist… [+11552 chars]

Powell: U.S. debt is 'on unsustainable path,' crimping ability to respond to recession

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell says the U.S. economy is facing some risks at the moment, but overall it is in a "good place" and the Fed's main job is to "keep it there as long as possible." (Oct. 4) AP, AP Fed to Congress: It may soon be your turn… [+4522 chars]

Is retirement dying? The old work model is disappearing for boomers, Gen Xers

As more baby boomers put off retirement, millennials and Gen Xers are finding it harder to move up in the workforce. USA TODAY More Americans are opting to work well into retirement, a growing trend that threatens to upend the old workforce model.  One in… [+3333 chars]

Venice's famous canals are flooded and the mayor blames climate change

One of Italys most popular travel destinations is under water after it was hit by the highest tide in 50 years. Flooding in Venice hit the second-highest levels ever recorded in history, and the historic canal city braces for yet another wave on Wednesday. … [+2669 chars]

Opinion: Colin Kaepernick's NFL workout is better late than never but shouldn't have come to this

Just when you thought Colin Kaepernicks NFL career was history, in more ways than one, came this blast of hope Tuesday that the exiled quarterback might play again. Or better yet, maybe Kaepernick will even dare to take a knee again during the national anthe… [+4423 chars]

Chilly down to the Gulf of Mexico: What you should know about the arctic blast

A record-breaking cold front is expected to sweep across the U.S. from Sunday into Tuesday, with freezing temperatures stretching as far south as parts of the Gulf Coast. The National Weather Service is forecasting more than 170 potential record-setting cold… [+2935 chars]

Black Friday 2019: Get a jump on making your holiday shopping plans with early look at ads

As the days in November tick by, more retailers are sharing their Black Friday plans. With Thanksgiving Day falling on Nov. 28 this year the latest it can possibly be  some ads are being released later than in past years. For the second year, Kohl's was the… [+6187 chars]

Disney+ launches Tuesday: Here's everything you need to know about new streaming service

Tuesday is another big decision day for streaming video fans with the arrival of Disney's new subscription service, Disney+. This day has been long in the making for Disney. The entertainment powerhouse began pulling back its content from competitors such as… [+5589 chars]