Best Gaming Mouse (2021): Wireless, Corded, and Under $50

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The FTC Cracks Down on Bot-Wielding Ticket Scalpers

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Chrome and Edge Want to Help Solve Your Password Problems

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A New Project Maps the Pacific Coast's Critical Kelp Forests

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The 9 Best Laptop Stands: Adjustable, Portable, and More

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What's the Difference Between Electric Field, Voltage, and Current?

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A Fight Over GameStop’s Soaring Stock Turns Ugly

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A Year Ago I Asked: How Bad Could Covid Get? Now We Know

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The Unsettling Truth About the ‘Mostly Harmless’ Hiker

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An Absurdly Basic Bug Let Anyone Grab All of Parler's Data

The social media platform Parler rose to prominence as an outlet for free speech. In practice, it became a haven for disinformation, hate speech, and calls for violence, the sort of content generally… [+3547 chars]