Maybe Netflix and Amazon Should Just Buy Theater Chains

The Covid-19 pandemic has almost completely upended the American moviegoing experience. As the coronavirus lockdowns enter their sixth month, theatersand theater chainsare facing dire economic circum… [+3820 chars]

A New Survey Links Vaping to Higher Covid-19 Risk

Since the pandemic started to hit the US in full force in March, speculation about the link between vaping and Covid-19 has flourished. The Food and Drug Administration and the National Institute on … [+3802 chars]

Best Unlimited Data Plans: T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon

TIRED: The Essentials plan only includes 3G speeds if you use your phone as a Wi-Fi hot spot. You have to pay $25 more per month (!) for the Magenta Plus package to get HD video streaming on the go, … [+3046 chars]

Foodies and Factory Farmers Have Formed an Unholy Alliance

One surprising result of the Covid-19 pandemic has been a spike in consumer demand for imitation meats. According to a Nielsen report, during the first nine weeks of the crisis in the United States, … [+5890 chars]

Solve the Covid-19 Testing Crunch, Win $5 Million

Davis thinks that the inclusion of young people is a strength of prize competitions. I have great faith in youth, he says, because they're always asking the questions that nobody else will look at. H… [+3975 chars]

San Francisco Was Uniquely Prepared for Covid-19

Twitter execs realized they couldn't afford to stand by until the science and official guidance were settled. If we wait for enough data to present itself for a jurisdiction to make a confident decis… [+3874 chars]

The White House Announces a Plan to Speed the Rollout of 5G

Superfast 5G wireless isnt exactly spreading across the US at superfast speeds. The White House and Defense Department Monday announced a plan to accelerate the process, by making a crucial new chunk… [+3955 chars]

Google's Pixel 4 Is One of the Best Phones, and It's $250 Off

Google's newest smartphone, the Pixel 4A ( 9/10, WIRED Recommends), is the best it has ever made and it only costs $350. But it lacks some of the extras you can get on pricier phones, like wireless c… [+2645 chars]

Belarus Has Shut Down the Internet Amid a Controversial Election

Internet connectivity and cellular service in Belarus have been down since Sunday evening, after sporadic outages early that morning and throughout the day. The connectivity blackout, which also incl… [+4315 chars]

Why Wikipedia Decided to Stop Calling Fox a ‘Reliable’ Source

When Karen Bass, a congresswoman from Los Angeles, emerged in late July as a serious contender to be Joe Bidens running mate, interest in her Wikipedia page exploded. By that time, the entry had grow… [+3576 chars]